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41st Kaike Triathlon Race Information:
Organizers Kaike Triathlon Association
Co-organizers Tottori Prefecture, Yonago City, Sakaiminato City, Nanbu Town, Hoki Town, Daisen Town,
Hiezu Village, Tottori Prefecture Tourism Federation, Yonago City Tourism Association,
San-in Shinpan, Kaike Onsen Ryokan Association
Special Patron Shin Nihonkai Newspaper
Patrons Japan Tourism Agency, Japan Sports Agency, Tottori Prefectural Board of Education, Tottori Prefectural Sports Association, Yonago City Board of Education, Yonago City Sports Association, Yonago Chamber of Commerce and Industry, West Tottori Federation of Small Business Youthful Association, Yonago Young Entrepreneurs Group, Japan Triathlon Union, Japan Triathlon Union Chugoku Region Council, Tottori Triathlon Association, Kaike Lifesaving Club, Tottori Convention Bureau, NHK Tottori Broadcasting Station, BSS San-in Broadcasting Station, Nihonkai TV, San-in Chuo Television, San-in Chuo Shimpo, Yomiuri Shimbun – Yonago Office, Mainichi Newspapers – Tottori Office, Asahi Shimbun – Tottori Office, Sankei Shimbun – Tottori Office, Jiji Press – Yonago Office, Kyodo News – Tottori Office, TV Asahi – Tottori Office, FM-Sanin, Chukai Cable Television, DARAZ FM.
Sponsors San-in Shinpan Group (Teleplaza, Hotel Wakow, Wakow Nursing Care Service, FC Partners)
Derupara, etto
San-in Sanso Group (Sanin-Sanso, Nissan Prince Tottri, Sanrei Foods)
Kaike Race Event Community (Work Support, Sankyo Rental, Ueda Event, Kowa, Sakai Denki)
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc., Gogin Cultural Promotion Foundation, K2 Company, and others.
Supporters Ito-en, Ezaki Glico Power Production, Daisen Nyugyo Agricultural Cooperative Association
Race Date Sunday, 16th July 2023
Race Office Dora Dora Park Yonago Athletic Field (Yonago Municipal Higashiyama Sports Park)
Race Locations
Swim Sea of Japan - off Kaike Onsen Beach
(Kaike Onsen Beach ~ North end of San-in Shinpan Kaike Play Park)
Cycle San-in Shinpan Kaike Play Park ~ Kokuritsu Koen-Daisen Sanroku Road ~
San-in Shinpan Kaike Play Park
Run San-in Shinpan Kaike Play Park ~ Sakaiminato City ~
Dora Dora Park Yonago Athletic Field
Race Details
Swim 3㎞
Cycle 140㎞
Run 40㎞
Individual Category:
All of the above 3 legs to be consecutively completed by one competitor.
Relay Category:
Competitors in 3-member teams are to each complete one of the swim, cycle and run legs.
Race Capacity
940 competitors
80 teams (3 members per team/ General Competition 60 teams / Local Municipality Representatives 20 teams) 240 competitors
Entry fees
Individual : ¥45,000
Relay : ¥54,000 per team
Following payment of race fees (and following race number issuance), fees are in principle non-refundable. In the instance of race cancelation due to the effects of Covid-19 transmission, partial refunds will be granted after the deduction of necessary expenses. In the event of cancelation, competitor participation rights will be extended to the following year’s race (not transferable to other competitors).
At the time of race, athletes need to be at least 19 years of age and in good health condition, with experience in competing in swimming, cycling and marathon events. They also need to be aware of competition rules and demonstrate etiquette as an athlete. All competitors are required to be physically fit with sufficient energy to comfortably complete the race within the given time. This year’s race will be open for entry to international competitors.
Saturday, 15th July 10:00 ~ 12:30 Inspection of bike course
(one section only)
14:00 ~ 15:00 Registration of athletes
15:00 ~ 17:00 Opening ceremony & briefing of rules
(everyone to attend)
Sunday, 16th July 05:30 ~ Check-in begins
07:00 ~ Race begins
21:30 Race ends
Monday, 17th July 09:30 ~ 10:00 Check-in
10:00 ~ 12:00 Awards Ceremony & party
Opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the Yonago Convention Center in front of the JR Yonago Station.
Course Time Limits
Swim 07:00 ~ 09:00  
Cycle ~ 15:30  
Run ~ 21:30 (Overall time limit: 14 hours and 30 minutes)
  • Online Registration: Access the URL = http://www.kaike-triathlon.com Successful online registrations will incur a \1000 system processing fee in addition to race fees.
  • Mail Registration: Fill in the required sections and mail the application form to race organizers. Successful mail registrations will incur a \2000 administration fee in addition to race fees.
If possible, we encourage participants to please apply online at http://www.kaike-triathlon.com
Registration Period 1st March, 2023 ~ 31st March, 2023
(Registrations must be received before this deadline)
Registration Address All-Japan Triathlon Kaike Race Office
Kaike Onsen 3-18-3, (Yonago City Kaike Shimin Pool Floor 2)
Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan, 683-0001
TEL: +81-859-34-2819  FAX: +81-859-21-1075
Alternate Selection
Upon reaching competitor capacity, in the instance vacancies become available in either the individual or relay race categories, alternate selections will be made following further application document screening.
Special Entry
  1. Premium Entry: Participants who make a donation of \100,000 (inclusive of race fees) will be granted automatic race participation (limited to first 10 donating participants).
  2. Hometown Tax (Furusato nozei) Entry: Race participation will be granted to several donors to a designated Hometown Tax system category through a random draw.
Notice of Selection
Race selections will be confirmed at a selection meeting, and notices will be sent out to successful applicants in late April. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified.
Entry Procedures
Upon receiving the notice of selection, successful applicants are to follow payment procedures by paying the entry fee by the designated due date. Please be sure to contact the triathlon office if you wish to withdraw from the race.
Please also note that failure of payment by the due date will result in cancelation of your registration. If the number of applicants falls below capacity, unsuccessful applicants who elected to be on the alternate list will be screened for re-selection.
Important Notices
  1. In consideration of the Covid-19 transmission situation at the time of the race, specific precautionary measures may be implemented.
  2. Due to Covid-19 precautionary measures, race operations may differ from previous events. We request your understanding that dependent on the transmission situation at the time of the race, further measures and changes may be necessary.
  3. The use of a wetsuit will be optional in the swim leg of the race if the water temperature is above 22℃ on the day of the competition.
  4. Please understand that the race course preview (offered the day before the race) can only be offered for a section of the course. (Reservations necessary and capacity is limited.)
  5. Athletes are responsible for their own safety, and should service their own cycles. A cycle service corner operated by a cycle company will be set up on the opening ceremony day (user charges apply).
  6. In accordance with Japanese traffic laws, cycles are required to have a bell installed.
  7. As we will not be controlling traffic during the race, you are required to abide by traffic rules whilst on public roads.
  8. Natural disasters or other significant issues may force changes to the race course and conditions.
  9. For safety reasons, there may be changes to the race course depending on road and traffic conditions.
  10. Even following confirmation of race registration, race organizers may remove a competitor from the race for any conduct deemed to have violated reasonable public decency, or if in the organizer’s judgement the competitor is not eligible to participate in the race.
  11. The Race Spectator Bus Tour that was canceled for the previous race is planned to be in operation once again for this year’s race.
  12. Following receipt of race fees (and issuance of a race number), fees are in principle non-refundable. In the instance of race cancelation due to the effects of Covid-19 transmission, partial refunds will be granted after the deduction of necessary expenses.
  1. Open male     1st - 8th
  2. Open female  1st – 6th
  3. Male and female age groups
    * 1st – 3rd winners of each category (open male/female winners excluded)
    ①19-24 age group  ②25-29 age group  ③30-34 age group  ④35-39 age group
    ⑤40-44 age group  ⑥45-49 age group  ⑦50-54 age group  ⑧55-59 age group
    ⑨60-64 age group  ⑩65+ age group
  4. Special Award (San-in Shinpan Award)
    * San-in Shinpan Ltd. will select 2 outstanding athletes from the race.
  5. Best Athlete Award
    *Awarded to the oldest male and female competitors to complete the race.
  6. Club Award (Tottori Governor’s Cup) 1st – 3rd
    * The most outstanding club will be determined by calculating the race times of top 3 members (individuals) from each club.
  7. Tottori Prefecture Local Municipality Representative Relay Award 1st – 3rd
No other prizes will be awarded in the relay category.
Race Items Provided
  1. Swimming cap with race number
  2. Race number bibs for cycling and running (3 bibs and safety pins)
  3. Transition bags (3 bags per competitor)
  4. Specially produced original prize items
Completion Prizes
  1. Souvenir bath towel (at end of race)
Please download completion certificate and official race time record following the race.
Image Rights
All images related to this triathlon shall remain the property of organizers. (Organizers retain the right to use images in advertising materials.)
Personal information received will be handled in compliance with privacy laws and will not be used without the consent of the individual other than for sending selection notices and information related to the triathlon, sharing information regarding other sports events within the country, or for providing tourism information to the entrant.